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Green Goodness

Chef Prep helps busy people like you create world-class dinners in minutes with prepared recipe ingredients delivered to your door.

No grocery shopping. Zero prep required.


Cook amazing meals for everyone in just 15 to 30 minutes

I shop, chop, and deliver fresh recipe ingredients directly to your home or office each week. In compostable or reusable containers, you'll receive just the right amount of every ingredient along with simple instructions to cook a meal you'll love in under 30 minutes. Prepared ingredients mean zero prep required and fewer dishes to clean up.

Food Knolling

Eat better food than ever before

Designed by a Red Sealed Chef, enjoy delicious new meals every week using high quality, fresh ingredients--local and organic as much as possible. All meat is raised without unnecessary antibiotics and hormones. Certified by Ocean Wise, all seafood is wild caught or sustainably sourced. It's better for you, our community, and it simply tastes better.


Starting at under $10 per plate & FREE delivery

Enjoy chef-quality meals any night of the week at a better value than your local grocery store.

Preparing Eggplant
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